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The Maven US News (CNN)
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The Best Sustainable Clothing for Winter
This winter, sustainability is number one on most peoples wishlist. Living sustainably used to be really tricky, but as this trend has risen in popularity so have companies risen up to meet the need. Because of this, there are now so many wonderful options for winter clothing that also happen to . . .
12 days ago

Digital Beauty Creative X Emerging Talents Milan Photographers: Federica Cicuttini and Leo Gedalje @federicacicuttiny @leogedalje Stylist: Francesca Matricciani @effemmeeee__ Hair and Make up Artist: Serena Alaimo @amanitaselvaggia Production : Concept and Creative direction . . .
13 days ago

4 Unique Ways To Preserve The Memory Of A Loved One
Losing a loved one is hardly ever easy, and neither is grieving them. Regardless, both are completely natural things and are part of life you're more than likely to have to deal with loss at some point. But how do you deal with it? Sad news is that there's no easy way, but there .
14 days ago