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Society of Historical Archae. Community Change (NCDD)
Society of Historical Archae. Community Change (NCDD)
Below are a few samples from the source, World Archaeology.
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Roughly 1,000 years ago, the finishing touches were being made to a rectangular length of fabric. At first glance, the textile resembles a modern tablecloth, but a slit in the centre betrays that it was designed to be worn as a tunic. This was no ordinary work-a-day garment, though, as the . . .
11 days ago

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The fame of the Incas often eclipses other ancient societies that flourished in Peru. These dazzling groups rose and fell at various times and places, but their stories are essential for understanding the Inca Empire. Because the region was relatively isolated from outside influences, these . . .
11 days ago

Sunken treasures
A cargo of ancient African ivory recovered from a 16th-century shipwreck is shedding light on early trade networks and historical elephant populations. . The post Sunken treasures appeared first on World Archaeology.
242 days ago