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Tiny Buddha College Life Made Easy
Tiny Buddha College Life Made Easy
Below are a few samples from the source, Zen Habits.
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Using the Pandemic as Mental Training Ground
By Leo Babauta This neverending pandemic hasnt been the best mental health environment for many people it has created raised levels of uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, unhappiness, procrastination and feelings of dreariness for large numbers of people. Thats understandable, and I feel tremendou . . .
17 hrs ago

Energy Depletion & the Practice of Relaxing Our Threat Detector
By Leo Babauta I've been working with a large number of people who are very often exhausted, not just from sleep problems but from their daily activities. A lot of us are drained by being around other people, doing video meetings, going out in public and so we start to avoid those activities to . . .
8 days ago

Practicing with Zero
By Leo Babauta When were creating a habit say, meditation or practicing a language we often try to encourage ourselves by creating an unbroken streak. 100 straight days of meditation! 30 straight days of practicing Chinese! These are amazing accomplishments, and we should let ourselves feel . . .
15 days ago