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Pulse (Politico) Truth Out
Pulse (Politico) Truth Out
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Behind the Tweet That Became the Rallying Cry for the Insurrection
I underestimated how crazy certain people could get. .
5 days ago

Feds Didn't Fully Vet Contractors to Care for Migrant Children. A New Bill Would Increase Scrutiny.
The bipartisan legislation would require grant applicants to be licensed by the state in which they are operating, as well as disclose license suspensions or pending investigations within the last five years. .
7 days ago

Inside Amazon's Failures to Protect Your Data: Internal Voyeurs, Bribery Scandals and Backdoor Schemes
For years, the retail giant has been keeping something from you: It's handled your information much less carefully than it handles your packages. .
11 days ago