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Event Summary: Vaccine Policies and Challenge Trials: The Ethics of Relative Risk in Public Health
St Cross Special Ethics Seminar, Presented by Dr Sarah Chan, 18 November 2021 In this St Cross Special Ethics Seminar, Dr Sarah Chan explores three key areas of risk in 'challenge trials' - the deliberate infection of human participants to infectious agents as a tool for vaccine development and . . .
5 days ago

Mandatory Vaccination Should Be Selective, Not General
By Alberto Giubilini and Julian Savulescu As resurgent Covid-19 spreads rapidly across Europe, in countries such as Austria and the Netherlands the authorities are re-imposing lockdowns. And in response thousands are marching - and rioting. People are clearly fed up with losing their liberties.
6 days ago

Cross Post: Selective lockdowns can be ethically justifiable - here's why
Written by: Jonathan Pugh, Dominic Wilkinson, and Julian Savulescu COVID is surging in some European countries. In response, Austria and Russia are planning to reimpose lockdowns, but only for the unvaccinated. Is this ethical? Some countries already have vaccine passport schemes to travel or . . .
13 days ago