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Above the Law Case Decided
Above the Law Case Decided
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Travis Scott: Is He Responsible for a Disaster Butterfly Effect?
On November 5, a tragedy occurred at a Travis Scott concert in Houston. Due to a crowd surge during Astroworld, a concert founded and held annually by Travis Scott, at least nine people died, resulting in one of the deadliest concert incidents in years. In response, many are wondering what went . . .
5 days ago

What is the Value of Art? MSCHF Creating Value by Destruction
What is the value of art? Is it how it looks? Is it the artist who created it? Or is it how much it will appreciate in the future? MSCHF (pronounced mischief), the Brooklyn-based art collector, is challenging the capital-A Art world's focus on authenticity instead of aesthetics. How? By . . .
5 days ago

Tom Brady Just Threw His 600th Touchdown Pass: What's the Catch?
While the theory of economics can be studied in its raw form, there are applications of it that prevail beyond the fundamental notion of economics. A principal theory in economic models is that firms maximize profits in competitive markets. Similarly, in the sports world, such maximization may b . . .
12 days ago