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Woodworkers Journal Adoptive Families Magazine
Woodworkers Journal Adoptive Families Magazine
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3 Productivity A-Has for Teens with ADHD
Many teens with ADHD lose productivity due to procrastination, distractions, time blindness. As an ADHD coach for teens, here are my top strategies for taking ownership of your time nad getting more done.
5 days ago

How to Find Your Passion? Follow Your Hyperfocus
When a subject grabs our attention by the throat and won't let go, we have found a jewel in the haystack. We should never let it slip through our hands because passion brings more than excitement; it brings meaning.
7 days ago

'What's Wrong with Me?' The Toll of 34 Years with Undiagnosed ADHD
College was terrible. I dropped out twice - once running away to a tiny Island in New Zealand, but that's another story. I used alcohol, pot, and cigarettes at varying times to drown out my despair.
11 days ago