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Ubergizmo Love (Hearst)
Ubergizmo Love (Hearst)
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An Open Letter to Parents Everywhere
There is beauty in children knowing they are loved, safe, and don't have to keep any secrets from you, and when they are empowered to understand consent, the chances of them being groomed into childhood sexual abuse and trafficking decrease exponentially.
3 days ago

Bless Those Who Persecute You
To Jesus, a true heart of repentance means attempting to heal severed relationships, not just empty words. It means praying for those who blaspheme your name for reasons you'll never know or understand because He has called us to love and be love to a hurting world full of broken people.
13 days ago

7 Better Ways for Handling Frustration in Marriage
Let's begin to focus on the behavior that frustrated us rather than attack the person. We can do this by asking for compassion from the Lord for our spouse before we speak to them. We do this by asking the Lord to help us see our spouse the way He sees them.
17 days ago