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small farmer's journal
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As I began Burgess' book, I started off with a few doubts. Despite the fact that I am an avid knitter and sewist with a penchant for natural fibers, I was still a little apprehensive about the book's ideologies mostly because of cost. How could it be possible for the average person to truly curate . . .
Small Farmer's Journal
1 day ago

Farmers in our day tend to be an isolated bunch and we don't ever seem to get enough good old fashioned farm-talk. So it is that when I travel to another farm to buy or sell, the visit often extends for significantly longer than the required time to make a transaction. I have spent countless . . .
Small Farmer's Journal
2 days ago

While we visited the allotment, we all pitched in with a hoe or a trowel to remove some of the weeds, but we also took a little tour around the two-acre allotment site, sandwiched between a railway line and a sports field. I have always liked allotments; some people might see them as messy and . . .
Small Farmer's Journal
5 days ago