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Now that the kids are in school full time, we may really notice how they begin to manage their continuing gross motor skills, emotional management, and budding friendships with classmates. Have the kids in the neighborhood been riding bikes? Or have the children expressed an interest in some of th . . .
3 days ago

Can it really be that time? The time for our children to have a preschool experience. It seems like they were only born yesterday, how can they be ready for school? These are some of the comments that many parents have about their child and the next stage of life! All parents have big decisions . . .
10 days ago

The toddler years! Parents of active toddlers will often say, I have to keep my eyes on that child continually, and how true this can be. Toddlers are learning to use their newfound motion to explore their environment. Touch is one way they learn and grow.
17 days ago